We are proud of our services and products, so we like to convey this through our clients and customers – by far our favourite sales force!


It takes a great deal of commitment to reach a level of service that others are willing to speak favourably of, so feel free to read some of their words here.


If you have any feedback on our produce then please do let us know.

Flat Iron Restaurant London | flatironsteak.co.uk

Schoonderwoerd | schoonderwoerdvlees.nl

"Our Company Schoonderwoerd in The Netherlands is proud to present the Aberdeen Black product to the market.

Aberdeen Black from Australia has been received as the best Grain fed beef from Australian by our clients, demand is increasing almost on a weekly basis.

The Marble Score we find in the Aberdeen Black product is way better and from a higher standard as we have seen in other Grain fed items.

Very consistent cuts, and Carcasses coming from the higher end cattle.

Clients prefer to work with Aberdeen black due to very consistent quality and continues flow of supply."

"We aim to serve our guests at Flat Iron with consistently tender, juicy, flavourful beef. Aberdeen Black delivers every time and is a product we are proud to serve."


Lyndey Milan | lyndeymilan.com

"As an Australian I am very proud of the quality of Australian produce. When I was last in London, cooking a dinner for 60 people, my chosen meat was Aberdeen Black. I didn’t go for the most obvious cut, but used the striploin, trimmed rolled and cooked sous vide before a final flash on the grill. It had fantastic flavour and tenderness and great consistency between the different striploins. My guests were blown away."

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